3 April 2023 – Mediahuis group has reached an agreement in principle with Talpa Network on the acquisition of Radio Veronica. Mediahuis has also acquired a 100% share holding in RadioCorp, owner of the radio stations 100% NL, SLAM! and SUNLITE. With the acquisition of these radio stations, Mediahuis is reinforcing its ambitions in the Dutch radio market and strengthening its position in the local advertising market.

Mediahuis has clear ambitions in the Dutch radio market, with regard to strengthening its position on the local advertising market. The group has acquired full share ownership of RadioCorp, the media company with a focus on radio and digital activities and owner of among other interests the radio stations 100% NL, SLAM! and SUNLITE. At the same time, Mediahuis group and Talpa Network have reached an agreement in principle regarding Mediahuis’ acquisition of Radio Veronica.

For Mediahuis, the acquisitions represent a significant expansion of its existing radio brand portfolio, alongside Sublime and Nostalgie. The acquisitions enable Mediahuis to offer listeners, advertisers and media agencies a stronger audio offering, and therefore a wider and better reach. The position of Mediahuis as a cross-media partner is thus greatly enhanced.

  • Radio Veronica, the leading commercial Dutch radio station, is one of the most important players in the radio landscape. It reaches an average of 1.2 million listeners a week.
  • 100% NL plays the best music from the Netherlands and reaches an average of 1.4 million listeners a week.
  • SLAM! plays today’s most popular pop and dance tracks with an average of around 850,000 listeners every week. SLAM! is also the radio station with the largest digital following in the Netherlands.
  • SUNLITE is new and can be heard both online and via DAB+. It plays nonstop laid-back music and has around 80,000 listeners a week.

(Source of audience figures: NMO)

Mediahuis is already active on the Dutch radio market with the stations Sublime and Nostalgie (DAB+). The two stations are part of Audiohuis, Mediahuis group’s all-in-one audio agency in the Netherlands.

The auction of FM frequencies for national commercial radio stations will take place this summer. A total of nine frequencies will be auctioned for a period of 12 years.