Antwerp – On Thursday, June 9, The International News Media Association (INMA) unveiled the winners of the 2022 Global Media Awards. The INMA Global Media Awards rewards innovation and best practices on news brands, optimising the use of media platforms, subscriptions, advertising, data and insights, product, and newsroom. The 2022 competition garnered a record 854 entries from 252 news brands in 46 countries.

Mediahuis won multiple awards in various categories as an recognition of its achievements.

In the category Best Initiative to Retain Subscribers, Mediahuis took a double podium. Mediahuis Nederland was rewarded with first place for the way in which Mediahuis uses data to become a more customer-centric organization. A dashboard was developed with crucial customer centric KPIs. Based on this data, a method was drawn up to determine, from vision to indicator, the steps to be taken to focus on subscribers. The same case also received an honourable mention in the category Best Internal Data Dashboard and Reports.

Mediahuis België was the runner up and received an award for second place for the “What Would We Be Without You?” campaign. The main goal of the campaign was to churn prevention. With a broad campaign, Mediahuis sent a warm message to its (digital) subscribers, showing their appreciation for the use of its media. Watch a video from the campaign here.

In addition, Mediahuis received an honourable mention in two other categories. One of these was for Irish Independent (Mediahuis Ireland) in the category Best Use of Data to Drive a Business Result. Based on insights from research, Mediahuis Ireland was able to create a rock-solid advertising campaign for Permanent TSB. Through clever targeting, the advertising team delivered remarkable performance with exceptional viewability rates that exceeded all industry standards.

The other honourable mention went to Mediahuis België in the category Best Idea to Encourage Reader Engagement. On behalf of Mediahuis, Froomle created AI-based personalised experiences for Mediahuis’ digital channels. To increase reader engagement, Froomle identified areas to automate: which articles to choose and how to order them. Mediahuis and Froomle also set up a common process with a manual curation step in which editors decide which articles should be excluded from mailings.