Who we are

Our mission

Mediahuis believes unconditionally in independent journalism and strong, relevant media that makes a positive contribution for people and society.

Mediahuis is the driving force behind a wide collection of autonomous cross-media brands. It is precisely this diversity that we embrace and the forms the foundation of our company. Each brand has its own culture and identity, where reliability, independence and a journalistic heart are the common denominators.

Our brands are at the heart of the community. They inform, interpret and connect. Our independent, high-quality journalism enables people to form an objective opinion on subjects of importance to the individual or to society, and to make informed decisions and choices on that basis.

For our employees, Mediahuis is a place where you shape your own career as a media professional. You have the opportunity to move around the whole organisation. Mediahuis is an environment in which everyone works together in an open an respectful way, and where curiosity and innovative thinking are encouraged.

Our values


Innovation is in our genes. We are pioneers, always looking for ways to do better. We ensure that our people are with us, and stay with us. Our employees seize the chances they are given for continuous development.


Customer-focused thinking and acting means we are continually questioning whether our propositions and decisions contribute to the service and experience we offer our clients.


You’re stronger together than alone. That’s why we believe in joining forces, and why our people and brands work together in a sustainable way, with space and understanding for mutual competition and local interests.


In the media world, the only constant is change. So we have to keep up with that change and react flexibly to whatever presents itself. Our employees expect that from us, and we expect it from them.


We go straight for our goals. So together we create the processes and work environment in which we can effectively reach those goals. Our employees each take their responsibility to be effective in their own field.

Our entities

Mediahuis is an international media group with a range of strong brands and activities in diverse European countries. Click on the map to discover what we do in our different countries.

Board & management

Focus on vision and leadership. Read more about our board of directors and the management.

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