News media

Belief in autonomous news brands

Mediahuis believes in the power of journalism, in the values of its news brands and in the way all these brands can maintain their uniqueness within a European media group.

Independent journalism

Mediahuis believes unconditionally in independent journalism and strong, relevant media that makes a positive contribution for people and society.

Journalism that matters

In a world flooded with information and disinformation, with news and fake news, high-quality journalism is more important than ever. Mediahuis journalists produce journalism that digs into what really matters, with the correct facts, nuanced interpretation and opinions that count.

Regional anchoring

Local and regional news has more value than ever in our hyper-mediatised society. Mediahuis’s regional papers are firmly anchored in the local community. The key factors in their success, in print and digital: involvement, connection and high-quality journalism.

Respect for the DNA of news brands

We respect the culture and the identity of every news brand within the group. It is precisely this diversity that forms the foundation of Mediahuis, after all. Mediahuis news brands are proud of their roots and their DNA – but never too proud to work together when that creates strength.

Trust from the reader

Trustworthy journalism is a cornerstone of our democratic society. So our news brands carry a heavy responsibility: it is their duty, every day, to produce reliable news and so earn the trust of our readers.

Audio journalism

Our titles create audio stories or podcasts making information available to news consumers hands-free. Our journalists are experts in their field and know much more than they can often share in a 1,000 word article. A podcast is another way of providing quality journalism. With our audio publishing branch “Uitgesproken” in Belgium and “Audiohuis” in the Netherlands we produce qualitative and distinctive audio stories for third parties.