To be number one in quality leads by attracting the right consumers with unique content and super-serving professional sellers.

Mediahuis Marketplaces

Mediahuis Marketplaces drives diversification of our news business. It is our mission to be the number one in quality leads by attracting the right consumers with unique content. We do this by accelerating challengers, offering them a blueprint to optimize the consumer experience and super-serve professional sellers. We help our challengers drive depth penetration by supporting them with M&A expertise and capital to scale and move into adjacencies. We bet on the future by participating in innovative start-ups and scale-ups.
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We are a family of 13 brands, in 6 different countries and a dedicated team of 245.  Thanks to cutting-edge technology, user-friendliness and valuable features, our marketplaces occupy strong positions in the fields of real estate, recruitment and automotive. Our next step is to enter personal finance comparison.
We have a strong position in the recruitment market with Jobat and Jellow (freelance) in Belgium and the Netherlands and NIjobfinder in Northern Ireland as well as in Luxemburg. Our flagship Zimmo and its activities Medianot, Zabun, Immoproxio and thrive on the real estate market in Belgium and the Netherlands, accompanied by Wortimmo in Luxemburg. We hold A-positions in the Dutch and Irish car marketplaces with Gaspedaal, Autotrack,  CarsIreland and Cartell and operate the rising star in Luxemburg.


Investments in innovative start-ups and scale-ups

Our investment thesis is very focused. We understand the real estate market and recruitment market and we are very specific about the companies and sectors we invest in. Your cutting-edge product, experienced team and international ambitions together with access to all the sector knowledge we have, form the ideal partnership.

We offer a natural home with strong values and support to accelerate your development.


A shared ambition and belief in the founder’s ability are the cornerstones of our investment decisions. We have a penchant for working with founders driven by a mission to improve the world.


If you need multiple investments rounds to achieve your sky-high ambitions, we can support you. Once we invest, we team up to achieve your growth to market leadership.


We double down on what we believe in. We prefer a lead investor role and support your company’s growth by giving access to the knowledge and resources at Mediahuis’ disposal.


We encourage healthy scaling without compromising business longevity, helping you build a foundation that can stand the test of time.


Our focussed thesis allows us to dive deep into the categories we invest in. Our understanding of the market, competition, and consumers are continuously updated and shared with our investments to support long-term strategic decisions.


Company acquisition lies at the heart of Mediahuis’ rapid growth, and the markets we invest in an opportunity in the market to strengthen our company’s position by acquiring companies in line with your growth strategy.

Property Technology

Proptech is accelerating the real estate market in the recent years. We specifically see a bright future for companies focusing to shift property data into knowledge and insights. We invest in companies that drive transactions, enrich financial solutions, collaborate to meet ESG criteria and enabling consumers and businesses to make better decisions through the use of data.

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Xavier van Leeuwe

CEO Mediahuis Marketplaces

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Director Corporate Business Development

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Business Controller

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Investment Associate