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Mediahuis Ventures

As the corporate venture capital arm of Mediahuis, we fund startups developing innovative solutions for students and the modern workforce. Focused on edtech and hrtech, we partner with companies from Series A and beyond, committing to the long-term success of your business.
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Mediahuis believes unconditionally in independent journalism and strong, relevant media that positively contribute to people and society. Mediahuis Ventures continues this mission by investing in companies that make the flow of information more effective, affordable, or accessible and ultimately transform the way we learn and work.


What we bring to the table


A shared ambition and belief in the founder’s ability are the cornerstones of our investment decisions. We have a penchant for working with founders driven by a mission to improve the world.


If you need multiple investments rounds to achieve your sky-high ambitions, we can support you. Once we invest, we team up to achieve your growth to market leadership.


We double down on what we believe in. We prefer a lead investor role and support your company’s growth by giving access to the knowledge and resources at Mediahuis’ disposal.


We encourage healthy scaling without compromising business longevity, helping you build a foundation that can stand the test of time.


Our focussed thesis allows us to dive deep into the categories we invest in. Our understanding of the market, competition, and consumers are continuously updated and shared with our investments to support long-term strategic decisions.


Company acquisition lies at the heart of Mediahuis’ rapid growth, and the markets we invest in an opportunity in the market to strengthen our company’s position by acquiring companies in line with your growth strategy.

Investment Thesis

Our investment thesis is laser-focussed. We understand the market and are very specific about the companies and sectors we support. Partnering with us gives you access to all industry knowledge at our disposal. We invest in series A and beyond and like to participate in multiple rounds.


Primarily focused on higher education and corporate training, a new wave of learning methods and formats made possible through technological innovation has come to the forefront. With higher education preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow and corporates training employees to close the skills gap, we see ample opportunity for new companies to grow and change the way we learn.

HRtech & future of work

Employee hiring, development, and retention have become a crucial challenge in today’s work environment. With more budget shifting towards HR divisions and remote, automation and the gig economy is disrupting the landscape. As the relationship between employees and companies evolves, software solutions tend to new employee needs as the war for talent continues.

Our portfolio

Meet our team

Cédric Cops

Head of Mediahuis Ventures

Caspar van Rhijn

Investment Mentor to MHV

Piyush Hemnani

Principal hrtech Investments

Tea Elezi

Principal edtech Investments

Ross Murray

Deal Lead

Cian O'Dwyer

Deal Lead

Levin Nuyken

Investment Analyst