Amsterdam, 7 July 2023 –  The Rijksdienst voor Digitale Infrastructuur (RDI) has awarded two of the nine available FM frequencies to Mediahuis. This award is the result of the auction of FM frequencies for national commercial radio stations that started on 4 July.

Acquiring the two FM lots LC05 and the closed lot LC09 means that Radio Veronica and 100% NL can continue broadcasting on FM and DAB+ for the next 12 years. Sublime, the radio station that has been part of Mediahuis group since 2020, and SLAM! will be listenable via DAB+, online and app from 1 September.

Tom Klerkx, Director Audio Mediahuis group: “It is our ambition to become a major player in the Dutch radio and audio market. Although we would have preferred to have obtained three licences, we agree with the outcome of the auction. Radio is one of the most important media for consumers. Thanks to the outcome of the auction, our listeners will also be able to listen to Radio Veronica and 100% NL via FM in the coming years. Moreover, as a cross-media partner, we can continue to offer advertisers and media agencies a strong audio offer. Sublime and SLAM! in addition to Nostalgie and Sunlite will be given every opportunity to develop as DAB+ radio stations from 1 September, within a market that is continuing to grow in reach.”

Mediahuis’ radio and audio activities in the Dutch market are based at Audiohuis. Audiohuis’ portfolio includes Radio Veronica, 100% NL, SLAM!, Sublime, Sunlite and Nostalgie.

The new licences for the FM frequencies will take effect on 1 September this year.